Who Are We?

Having been involved in the manufacturing of automated entrances in the Toronto region since 2001, we have over a decade of experience in the complete design and manufacturing of automatic entrances for the North American market. We machine and assemble the complete units in our own Canadian factory, ensuring quality control. This grants us the unique ability to remain hands-on throughout the entire production process, allowing us to customize our products to meet any special requirements in order to satisfy our client's needs.

The ability to design and produce a new barrier free operator product line for the North American market allowed us to integrate the main criteria of the market's requirements, including heavy duty design, ease of installation and clutch driven drive train, allowing for low resistant manual function. Omega's swing door product line incorporates all features to meet every application for automatic door automation.

Omega Automatics knows that timely delivery, open communication with our customers and simplicity of design and installation is the basis for a successful long term relationship with our clients. We have engineered our products with the installer in mind, incorporating the important features without over-complicating the product line. With years of experience in the field, we understand what is truly important to the installer and end user.