Our Top Products


Door Openers (4)

Our portfolio of top products includes the following:

  • Omega LE-Single Door
  • Omega LE-Double door
  • Omega LE-Companion Closer
  • Omega LE-Double Egress

Some important features of these types of door include the following:

  • The clutch is uniquely driven by a gear which results in the manual operation of the door being lightweight and convenient.
  • The gear is entirely enclosed which permits clean installation. This makes the operation much quieter and promotes the longevity of gear assembly.
  • The position of the optical door switch makes the setup for the door opening angle a reliable and an easy one. The process of latching and back check can be performed with just an ordinary action.
  • The presence of a digital board having a visual display results in a speedy and precise setup of the door.
  • The closing and opening speeds can be attuned to cater to the preferences and conditions of any given site.
  • Designs of low profiles are available in your chosen lengths and colors.

The Omega LE is designed and constructed in Canada with the help of Canadian elements and is basically designed for making installation a simple process and incorporates the latest technology. The unique clutch arrangement of Omega makes manual operation of the door an easy one.

With a huge client base, we have gained a reputation as one of Mississauga’s most reliable and successful electrical contractors. We have many qualified electricians in our organization and this makes us fully equipped to deal with any situation.

We are dedicated to every contract starting from the important electrical installations to minor maintenance and works. We are committed to superior standards of quality and service to all our customers. Omega’s additional expertise is commissioning and testing, air-conditioning, telecommunications and data wiring. Our success has the backing of the professionalism and the expertise manifested by our employees.